Welcome to the official Virvum online merch store. Thanks for supporting the band.

Please read our general policy below for maximum customer convenience:

- This webstore operates through two main categories; The European stock, and the US stock. The band runs two separate warehouses, one in Zurich, Switzerland, and one in Iowa, US.

- Depending on your delivery address, certain products may not be available to you (sorry, but we try our best to handle the logistics as efficient as possible). Should you notice a mistake & think that a product should be available in your area, please don't hesitate to contact us.

- The European warehouse does not handle overseas deliveries. 

- Orders from the European stock are handled and sent out directly by the band. Orders from the US stock are handled by a close assiociate.

- We try our best to ship all orders out within 14 days of purchase.

- International delivieries from the US stock come with a USPS tracking number.

- International delivieries from the European Stock are sent through Swiss National Post "economy" tariff, and do not include Tracking.

- We offer full reimbursement if a product is visibly damaged upon arrival (please provide pictures).